High-Tech Roof

High-Tech Roof

Cuneo, Italy
GFA 12000 m2, 1,5 millions Euro, roof only
Design: Mattia Malavenda
Client: PKarton
The project consist in the realization of a photovoltaic roof on a warehouse owned by PKarton, leader producer of paper for packaging.

The existing is a flat precast roof on slightly different levels, with a waterproof layer in bitouminous mambrane, in several parts damaged so that water overflow from the roof are visible from the internal space of the factory.  
The existing roof presents spots of skylight domes to provide, even if in small amount, some natural light to the interiors. 

 The new high-tech roof is realized with a system of continuous metal sheets, corrugated at the sides in a way that they perfectly match each other and embedded into special resin based clips fixed to a secondary structure. 
The special clips used for installation allow the free thermal expansion of the continuos metal sheets, without risking of damaging the clips or sheets themselves, and are designed to clutch the corrugated edges of the sheets without clipping it with screws and rivet.  This roofing system is certified for slopes of 1%.

The old skylight are removed and the new roof is provided of wider skylights, parallel to the continuous metal sheets. 
The roof is completed with the installation of a policristalline panels PV system for an on-site electric energy production of 1,25 MW power.

The PV panels are clipped to the metal roof with other specifically designed resin based clips, clutched on the corrugated sides of the sheets.

This high-tech system allow a photovoltaic roof to have an extraordinary durability almost without maintaeinance.