Mixed Use-Your Sub Title Here

Mixed Use-Your Sub Title Here

Malacca, Malaysia
Total GFA 500.000 sqm, $350 millions USD, max 45 storeys
Design: Mattia Malavenda in collaboration with Goh Hock Guan & Associates
Client: Lion Group
The development consist in the reclamation land of 120.000 m2 at the seafront of Malacca for the realization of an high-density mixed-use development consisting in a 4 storey Shopping Mall (GFA 182.000 m2), n. 6 High-rise residential towers (max 45 storeys), an Hotel (20 storeys), leisure and retails for a total GFA of 500.000 m2.
The theme of the design is a tribute to the historical city of Malacca (UNESCO Heritage Site) and to the important chinese-original community of the city.

As a reclamation land development, it is excluded the possibility of underground and escavation works.

For this reason, the entire plot is elevated by a 2 floors high floorplate of 120.000 m2 containing a 2 storeys car-park, so the second level of the development is considered as a ground floor level.
The multilevel shopping mall has a total of 6 floors (4 floors above the floorplate level and 2 floors of car park below) is conceived to have an Urban character in the sense that must be formally and spacially connected to the adjacent shop blocks, residential and leisure spaces.
Inside the shopping mall complex, is conceived a 3 star business hotel with independent guests entrance, dedicated car park and direct access inside the mall.

The 6 residential towers are integrated in two different lots and phases of the project.
The first row of 4 towers have each 23, 39, 33 and 27 floors and have a 6 storeys podium containing 4 floors of car park and 2 floors of shops connected to the Mall by a pedestrian bridge and walkway. 

The other 2 towers in the second residential lot and phase, have each 33 and 27 floors and a dedicated car-park at the 1st and 2nd level of the development. 
On top of the podium of both residential towers lot is present a green roof with swimming pool and other facilities for the resident.

As a conseguence of the high traffic levels expected at full operativity of this high density mixed-use development, particular attention is given to the public urban spaces with a maximization of pedestrian areas and the creation of a new waterfront and a new relation with the natural environment of the Malacca Strait.
The new waterfront is conceived as a corniche or lungomare, extended along the south and east edge of the plot, where the walkway is faced by a serie of shops, food and beverage kiosks and temporary entertainment activities.

The landscaping design of the waterfront is based on the idea of break the 10 metres high containing wall of the development's floorplate into 3 steps connected by stairs where is possible to have access to the water of the indian ocean.