Office Headquarter

Office Headquarter

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
GFA 13.500 sqm, $12 millions, 3 storeys
Design: Mattia Malavenda in collaboration with Echo Architecture
Client: Fawaz Al-Hokair
The project for the new office headquarter of the saudi property developer Fawaz Al Hokair Group in Riyadh is a part of the U-Walk, a commercial development by the same property, and will host the head offices of the President and the two Vice-Presidents of the Group, the administrative department and the portfolio management staff offices.
At the ground floor are located the entrance hall, exhibitions rooms, conference rooms, retails and public relations offices.

Is also present an internal courtyard with a small garden open to sky, and a bridge connecting the two sides of the space. 
The facade is a double skin system with enclosure in solid concrete wall or glazing and an external extra thin metallic mesh with LED display system.

This double skin facade gives to the building a de-materialization effect during the day, and became a light-show support during the night.  
The architectural design of the building, especially the treatment of the facade, clearly refers to a use of the technology to spectacularize the communication.

In this case the architecture itself constitues the support and in the same time the medium of the communication: an aspect of what we call Digital Architecture.
Another aspect on the design is the relation of coherence between the architecture interior and exterior: different windows sizes and shapes corresponds to the different functions of the room behind them, the three main offices have bow-window, the secretary rooms have big square windows, etc.

Particular attention is given to the President's office: spacious, with a relax room and with an open-air office area.